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                Regarding placement of ITI passed candidates on 03.10.2017

                Regarding placement of ITI passed candidates on 06.09.2017

                Regarding admission in 6 PITIs dated-20.07.2016

                Regarding grading of ITIs through DGT MIS Portal Ėno grading no admission release dated-10.07.2016


                Seat release (tentative) of Sainik Pariwar Bhawan for session 2017-18 dated 17.05.2017

                Seat release (tentative) for session 2017-18 dated 12.05.2017

                Regarding nonfunctioning of SCBC welfare PMS portal dated-11.05.2017

                Regarding deposition of bank guarantee and data on MIS portal dated 30.12.16

                Seat release for session 2016-17 regardingdated 15.12.2016

            De-affiliation of trade units JR PITI Rewari dated 02.08.2016

            Seat release Baba SRA PITI Rohtak dated 02.08.2016

            Seat release revised Aakash PITI Hisar dated 02.08.2016

            Seat release Maharishi Dayannad PITI Bhiwani dated 08.07.2016

            Seat release Akshi PITI Hisar dated 05.07.2016

            Seat release Vishwakarma PITI Rohtak dated 05.07.2016

            Regarding  issuance of registration numbers of PITIs of District Sirsa 2109 dated-28.06.2016

            Cancellation of admission PITI Gyan Sarovar  dated 22.01.2016

            Seat release fireman trade SCVT of PITIs dated 19.01.2016

            Confirmation of admission Udan PITI dated 08.01.2016

            Confirmation of admission PITIs dated 04.01.2016

            Suspension of admission PITI Ratia dated 11.12.2015

            Suspension of admission PITI Ideal dated 11.12.2015

            Suspension of admission PITI Takshila dated 11.12.2015

            Confirmation of admission Madni PITI order no 2557 dated 11.12.2015

            Suspension of admission order no 2514 dated 04.12.2015

            Suspension of admission order no 2412 dated 06.11.2015

            Seat release IR PITI 

            Seat release NCVT of PITIs dated 09.09.2015

            Block wise PITIs list dated 01.09.2015

            1st year seat release of PITI dated 01.09.2015

            Provisional admission/seat release PITIs dated 07.08.2015

            Instructions for PITIs dated 06.08.2015

            Revised seat release of Apex PITI dated 06.08.2015

            Revised seat release of PITIs dated 04.08.2015

            Seat release VPI PITI Karnal  dated 30.07.2015

            Seat release of PITIs dated 17.07.2015

            Seat release BTS PITI Jhajjar  dated 17.07.2015

            Seat release Sarthik PITI Ambalal dated 17.07.2015

            Seat release SD PITI Bhiwanil dated 17.07.2015

            Seat release Aakash PITI Fatehabad dated 17.07.2015

            Seat release Ved PITI Mahendergarh dated 17.07.2015

            Seat release Dashmesh PITI Kurukshetra dated 17.07.2015

            Seat release Saheed Bhagat Singh PITI Palwal dated 17.07.2015

            Seat release Chaudhary PITI Bhiwani dated 17.07.2015

            Suspension of admission order no 981 dated 15.07.2015

            Suspension of admission order no 983 dated 15.07.2015

            Seat release VP PITI Assandh Karnal dated 10.07.2015

            Seat release JR PITI Rewari dated 10.07.2015

            Suspension of admission order no 895 dated 01.07.2015

            Seat release GP PITI Narwana dated 29.06.2015

            Seat release Sanwaria PITI Fatehabad dated 29.06.2015

            Seat release RP PITI Kherka dated 29.06.2015

            Instruction  regarding fee structure for Private ITIs dated -4.6.2015

            Instruction  Training-4 for Private ITIs dated -25.5.2015